The making of Zardozi embroidery requires the craftsmen to be sitting cross-legged around the Addaa (the wooden framework) with their tools.

The tools include curved hooks, needles, salmaa pieces (gold wires), sitaaras (metal stars), round-sequins, glass & plastic beads, dabkaa (thread) and kasab (thread).

The second step in the process is to trace out the design on the fabric which is then stretched over the wooden frame and the embroidery work begins.

A needle is used to pull out each zardozi element and then, it is integrated into the basic design by pushing the needle into the fabric.

Zardozi remained popular in the city of Lucknow which is the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and of course in other cities nearby such as Benares.

Since its first collection Red Halo decided to update this beautiful traditional artcraft adapting it with the current tastes.